6Minute English 2017

پادکست های بی بی سی 2017، مجموعه فایل های صوتی و نوشتاری می باشد که شما را قادر می سازد با توجه به جدیدترین متد های آموزشی (BBC LEARNING ENGLISH) گام بزرگی در راستای تقویت چهار مهارت (Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking) بردارید. این مجموعه متشکل از فایل های Mp3 و PDF می باشد که به مدت 6 دقیقه در مورد بحث موضوعی و آشنایی با واژگان جدید، توسط مجریان انگلیسی زبان با لهجه بریتیش اجرا می گردد.

دانلود مجموعه پادکست 2017 بصورت یکجا

دانلود پادکست 2017 بصورت تفکیک شده

What's your superpower
Life on the edge
Family history
Why do cities make us rude
Can you trust your own eyes
How romance ruined love
Gun control without guns
Life expectancy
Mermaids Fact or fiction
What your lunch says about you
The rise of the emoji
Dog detectors
Food and mood
Multiple Careers
Miraculous survival
The super rich
How much food do you waste
Goldfish, brains and phones
Could you go vegan
Water Burial
Is happiness genetic
Built to fail
Faces and first impressions
Self help
How do pets navigate
You think you're invisible
How honest are we
It's good to talk
Fancy dress funerals

What makes a video go viral
Would the world stop without clocks
Laughing could kill you
Having a row or asking for directions
The wonders of hair

What can't computers do
Do adults exercise enough
Why pay for bottled water
What’s wetiquette
Too much sugar
Pedestrianisation is it good

How do you like your coffee
Why more of us are getting fitter
Do you need to upgrade your phone
What do you buy when you're sad
Should schoolchildren have jobs
The perfect Santa

Is 'man flu' real